The Gravity of Sara Bareilles

Listening to a Sara Bareilles CD, Malikei thought this is finally the time to figure out what this masturbation thing was. Someone should probably tell Sara Bareilles that her voice has the power to send people into orgasm.

Water Play at the Sports Club

When you don’t have adults to get information from, you end up having to learn from your friends. When you ask other ten year olds what sex is though, you get a lot of incorrect or partially correct information.

The Puppet Master of Playing Doctor

Sexuality doesn’t have to be fast, for Grace it was a long process of learning to explore and be more comfortable with her girlfriends and building up over years starting from a simple show me yours and I’ll show you mine, leading up to

Everything I Know, I’ve Read Online

Through a string of sleepovers Jane and her friends played out romantic scenes from movies and learned that rubbing against things in a certain way can feel really good.

Young Unrequited Love

All at once Zach went from a kid who didn’t even notice girls to a kid who was obsessed and madly in love with girls and needed to proclaim his love from the mountain tops. Though, yelling how much he loved one girl from a mountain would have

Sleepovers, Soft Porn and Phone Sex Hotlines

Growing up in the GDR, Momo started her childhood with zero contact with sexuality. Then, when the wall came down, a rush of sexual media came flooding in and she got the chance to learn about this new world for the first time.

The Art and Science of Dildo Making

After seeing porn, Ashley wanted to try penetrating herself but was too young to walk into a sex shop or have a credit card to buy one online. Instead she took the path of a true engineer and decided to experiment with making her own.

Rejection In Every Way Possible

Some people are just not ready for the thralls of childhood romance. Tom just wanted to be a kid but when it came out that some girls at his school liked him, he did everything he could to avoid the situation.

The Search After The Weird Pelvis Feeling

Hanna goes through some positive and not so positive experiences as she searches for this weird feeling she sometimes gets in her pelvis area and tries to get some special friends of hers to play doctor with her.

Playing "E"

Playing “E” was the perfect code word for the special game Katja and her friend would play. It wasn’t too obvious but it let the other know that a well thought out and developed scene was about to happen between the two of them.

Beneath the murky waters

Sarah figures out her body can do this cool thing when she touches this special area and tries to figure out the best ways and places to experiment with this new sensation.

Geeking out on sex

As kids most of us think that we know everything there is to know but David was smarter than that. He knew that there were going to be a lot of things that he didn't know, especially when it came to sex, so he made it his mission to never be caught

The Entrepreneurial Porn Peddler

A young boy finds hundreds of porn magazines dumped in the trashcans and quickly realizes that he has been handed a great opportunity.

Enveloped in cuddles and culture change

Like many first generation immigrants, Greg grew up between the lines of Hong Kong and Canadian culture where sexuality was handled in very different ways.

The first kid to discover masturbation

The first time when you figure out that it can feel really nice to touch yourself in this special way can be a magical moment for many people.

What it means to be a girl

For a while, Cat wasn't sure if she was meant to be a boy or a girl and what it meant to be either one of those things.

I want you to want me

Kids don't have to know what sex is to know that there is something about wanting, loving and touching another person that is appealing.

The threat of "turning gay"

Knowing a bit about a topic can be more dangerous than knowing nothing at all. Is Patrick gay? Can his actions make him gay?

The pleasure of pursuit

Louise never cared about sex until she developed an intimate and intensely sexual relationship that launched her into her own vibrant sexuality.

Wrestling with desire

As a kid, Newman Alexander was really into wrestling and quickly his love for the sport blurred over into his sexuality.

The Playboy Channel, the best thing ever

Joseph wanted nothing more than to spend his days watching the Playboy Channel but as a kid, it's not always that easy. Joseph however, couldn't be stopped.

Growing up with zero shame

If no one tells you it's inappropriate to talk openly about sexuality, you can grow up thinking it's fine to share everything, even with your parents.

Every time I tried to access sex, it was taken away

Not learning much about sex from her school or her parents, Sophia tried getting information anywhere she could including movies and even video games.

Sex and sin

At the age of fourteen I discovered masturbation and became a born again Christian, so I had a lot of conflicting ideas. My very formative experiences of sexuality were framed in "sex is sinful and dirty and there are intense, life long

My second puberty

While we may think of puberty happening only to teenagers, for transgendered men and women taking hormones, a second puberty can come at any time and bring some interesting side effects.

The Russian super women

Coming from a tiny town in the middle of the tundra, Anja dealt with an incredibly closed mined and homophobic society, where she was never able to figure out who she was as a sexual being.

The Entrepreneurial Kisser

Tristan fell madly in love with his first girlfriend in grade school and wanted nothing more than to hold hands and kiss all day. When the opportunity arose to not only kiss the girl of his dreams but also make some cash on the side, he couldn't say

Sex in the country

Living half in the city and half in the country, Martina had the option of learning about sex from both worlds; big city public schools and the animal kingdom.

The making of a pansexual polyamorist

Markus from Germany   If I think about why I am the way I am as an adult, especially sexually, it’s not difficult to figure out where some of these things come from. I’m very sex positive and open about my sexual side, I’m pansexual and I’m

The sultry affair with romance novels

Kim from Canada    I have always been really into reading. When I was growing up, the most easily available books where those dime store romance novels, usually Harlequin brand. My mom had quite a collection of them and new ones were always

Playing house, the rated R edition

Emma from Switzerland   When I was around seven years old, my friend and I started playing what we called "Mom and Dad." She always played the dad/husband and I always played the mom/wife. We always had jobs. I, as the woman, worked in a

It's always the teddy bear

Christine from the Netherlands    One of the first memories I have is when I started masturbating. I think I started kind of early. I have heard from a few people that they also started around five but I think overall there aren’t so

Sex (or the lack thereof) before birth control

Many of us take the option of safer sex for granted but what about those generations of people who had to diagnose the risk of every sexual interaction even more carefully?


David from the United States   My mom was a single parent who worked a lot, so I grew up with a lot of freedom and a lot of time to myself. As long as I didn’t get in trouble, kill myself, or get taken to prison, my mom didn’t ask questions.

It's not gay if it's just play

Sophia from Australia I went to a Catholic school for both primary school and high school so our whole sex education was abstinence is the key. It was very focused on the importance of virginity and that you needed to be in love to lose your

The guilty gender

Alphonse from Germany One day I was walking around after school with my sister and we found a porn magazine on the street. It was already a bit wet so the pages stuck together. We worked so hard trying to separate all of them. My parents were


Katrina from Australia Sexuality was shamed in my family and mostly ignored. When a kissing scene would happen in a movie, my dad would put his hands over his eyes and go eww. I realize later that he was feeling awkward about being around children

LGBT figuring out what my label should be

Lara from Germany I grew up in a rural area in the deep south of Germany. And with rural, I mean *really* rural. There are twice more cows than people in my village rural. My parents get free days from work because we sometimes can't leave

My Five Decade Journey Becoming a Shameless Slut

Chris from the United States (Editors note: Chris sent in his story and while it is not exactly childhood, it's a good example of how we never stop learning and developing. Also, it's a great example of how things in our childhood, both the good

The shameful shower

Here it is, my own story. Even though I work in sex education now, my own sex education was horrible.

If you are sexually active, you should also be sexually healthy

This content has been sponsored by *For this article, I have chosen to use STI (sexually transmitted infection) rather than STD (sexually transmitted disease). This is a personal preference and for many people, the terms are

Education through media

Bo's school gave her a good start but sex education comes from a number of different places, some weirder than others.

The interrogation room

Sometimes we can pinpoint where fantasies come from but in Zach's case, his love for interrogation scenes seemed to come out of nowhere.

Raised by feral feminists

While most of us have been raised in an overly macho culture, Alex was raised with a strong feminist background. In most ways, this made Alex a great man, but it didn't come without its difficulties.

Too much of a good thing

Jonathan lived a multicultural life with traditional Asian parents. Instead of getting the information he needed, he was left to figure things out on his own.

'Boys will be boys' and other BS

Warning: This story has topics that not all readers might be comfortable with, specifically, sexual coercion or assault. I have sat on this interview for a long time because I was nervous about publishing something that showed the darker side

Sex in Syria, part one

Sami from Syria ** This week we are once again doing something different. This is a fantastic story but it's longer than normal. Because of this, the story will be split into two parts. Check back in in two weeks for the second half of the

Sex in Syria, part two

Sami from Syria ** If you haven't checked out the first part of the story, check it out here** Mixed messages Even with my first girlfriend, I never really knew what I wanted with her. I knew something could happen between us, that we

Show and tell (and touch)

Blue from Panama I first became aware of sex when I walked in on my parents. I used to go sleep in their bed all of the time when I was a kid. I was really good at sneaking in rooms without making any noise. So one night, I opened the door and

The redhead blues

Katerina from Germany I grew up in the southwest of Germany, in a pretty small village that is well connected to the city. When I was older, I always went to the city for the club or the cinema but my childhood was spent in a house with

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