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Lenny from the United States


sexy sleepovers

Sometimes when I had a friend over, my mom would set up a tent in the backyard and we would have little camp outs. One night, when I was maybe five, I had a neighborhood boy over and we started playing Truth or Dare. It started normally enough but it moved into “I dare you to touch me here,” or “I dare you to do this with your mouth,” which eventually turned into, “I dare you to touch my penis with your mouth,” or “I dare you to touch my butt hole with your mouth.”


All of the combinations ended up getting dared. There was never any kind of mouth on mouth dares though, only mouth to private parts. I think nipples were in there too but neither of us were very into that.

There were very specific ones that I liked better than others, like the penis mouth one, which I asked for a few times. Eventually, I must have asked for it too many times and he said, “Ok, that’s enough, you can’t do that one anymore.” That was the first time I ever had anyone put my penis in their mouth. I loved it and wanted to do it again.


 The duration of the dares also got longer. It started out with doing an act for three seconds, then it was five seconds, and then ten. It wasn’t a skillful blowjob or anything, the first ones were just licks and then it got progressively more like you would treat a popsicle.popsicle I also remember the penis to mouth one was my favorite to give because the butt hole didn’t taste very good, as you might imagine.


Throughout all of this, there were no erections. I don’t think we were even old enough to have erections. It was very much about the sensations, about the feeling of being touched in certain zones and not really anything to do with an attraction to him or a connection with him personally.


It only happened that once and we were just normal friends after that. Just some very isolated erogenous zone exploration. I don’t think I had the courage to ask for it again. I wanted to but didn’t have the nerve. 


Obviously I was curious but I had no idea at all what sex was or what these kinds of actions were. Which kind of leads into my second story, which is my first time doing something with a girl.


I had a sleep over with a female friend of mine around thekiss want me same age, maybe five or six. Our parents were really good friends, so sleepovers were not a big deal. We had one of those couches that folded out into a bed in the living room and so the three of us, the girl, me and my mom, were in bed watching a movie. I don’t remember what movie it was but there was a scene where the main actor and actress were being passionate in bed. I don’t think it was a sex scene, I don’t think my mom would have showed us that. It was just kissing or something.


When the movie was over, this girl and I were both under the covers and we both started trying to do what the actors in the movie had just done, rolling around in the bed from position to position. There wasn’t any sort of humping or hip movements, just kissing each other and rolling around on top of one another.rolling around in bed, I want you

That was my very first experience of intense passion. I was so into her in the moment and burying my face in her neck and wrapping my arms around her. It was just so intense, I’d never experienced anything like that before. The only woman I’d ever had any prolonged touch with was my mom. This was the first time it happened with a girl my age and my size. I think that was a lot of it, to be able to hold somebody that was my size.


My mom immediately got super mad saying, “stop it guys, you can’t do that!”


But we would not stop, we were just super attracted to each other and super into it. Neither of us had any idea what we were supposed to be doing. I didn’t even know sex was a thing or that there was a part of me that was supposed to go inside a part of her. I just knew that our bodies were supposed to be together.


My mom ended up putting us in the car and taking the girl home. She didn’t even get to spend the night. My mom told us that we couldn’t be together, that we couldn’t do this. I was so sad when my mom took her away. I wanted to do that all night. I’m sure my mom was just terrified the girl would go home and tell her parents. I don’t know what she ended up telling them but they didn’t let her come over after that. I never got to kiss that girl again.


That was the first time I had desire or attraction towards a girl. After that, I would meet girls and sometimes I would have those feelings again and want to do the roll around in bed, cuddling thing with them. That was the first time I made the transition from this is another human being that’s my friend to I have strange feelings for this other human being and want to touch them whereas I don’t want touch other people. It actually wasn’t until much later that I learned that was sex. I tried to do the cuddly game with another female friend later on but she was not into it so nothing happened.


That was also my last girl sleep over. Good thing my mom didn’t know about cuddlingthe tent stuff or I wouldn’t have been able to have boys sleep over either. No friends allowed for Lenny. You’re sleeping in your room with a cold bucket of water.


After I learned what sex was, I specifically thought about the boy that slept over and realized what we did was not just normal boys hanging out. That was more than playing Truth or Dare; that was different. I was ashamed of it for a long time because even though I grew up in a liberal state, it was still a fairly homophobic area. It definitely wasn’t a story that I’d tell my friends. As you get older you start talking with other boys about what you’ve done with a girl. I would never tell that story; it was a secret story.




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