Water Play at the Sports Club

Luciano from Argentina

Sex was seen as a novelty because as kids we have no idea about sex. In Argentina, no one talks to kids about sex so we all had to figure it out on our own. I had one friend who got a lot of information from his older brother who showed him some porn videos, but it all for us to interpret or figure out. Our friend told us that something was coming out of the penis in the porn and we thought maybe they were peeing on each other. He also told us that sex was incredibly painful because of the faces that the people were making. No one could really grasp why you would want to do any of this, it all just seemed terrible.

During this time, I was starting to be attracted to female bodies but I didn’t know why. There is nothing I could do with them you know. I would see pictures of girls and sometimes my dick would get hard and I would think, “Wow! How does this function?”

We didn’t know why we were attracted to girls but we knew we didn’t want to pee on someone and we didn’t want it to hurt.

Anything we were able to figure out about sex, we learned from each other. There were a few older guys in my neighborhood and we would hang out after school in a sports club where we would all share stories. Especially for guys, we would stick our dick in anything and then tell everyone about it. I even got phone calls from friends saying

“Hey man! I tried olive oil on my dick and feels so nice. Salt is a bad idea though.”house hold materials as lube

There was also a lot of group masturbation to see if we all would react the same. I had a neighbor who was a few years older than me and we spent a lot of time together. We had the first theories and even did a lot of mutual masturbation to see if it worked for both of us. What would happen if I do it to you or if you do it to me.

I don’t know if we were actually thinking about sex but rather curiosity about how everything functions. I was never attracted to him, I thought yeah we are buddies, I’ll touch your dick, I’m cool with that. We also theorized how this would work with a girl. There were these talks about what sex could be but we never thought about penetration. We thought about what we would do with a girl given the chance but neither of us were thinking about penetration. He knew there were sexual diseases though and he said he wouldn’t do anything with a girl because he would get sick. We knew about condoms but not much about the whole protection thing. I just thought that they would somehow make sex feel better.

There are a lot of these homoerotic discoveries when you are a kid because you don’t have girls available unless you have a sister or a neighbor that comes into your house consistently. Usually you are just surrounded by male kids.

Almost every day after school all of my friends and I would go to this sports club where we would hang out and talk. A lot of what we talked about was the things that we were trying and figuring out about sex. One of the biggest things that happened to me at this sports club was in the shower. There were no showerheads on the showers there so it was a single strong stream of water coming down. We would play a game where you would stay under the stream and just hold your erect dick and let the water hit it.

It hurt.

It fucking hurt a lot.

The game was who coullearning about different sensations d hold it the longest without pulling away. I eventually noticed that after a while of hurting, it would start feeling weird. Then, if you hold it long enough, it feels nice for a tiny bit and then hurt like shit again. There was this build up and then you couldn’t hold it any more. I think that was one of my first orgasms that I was not conscious about at the time. It took me a long time to figure out what it was. It wasn’t a clear line where you could obtain pleasure from pain. Now that I think back on it, it was a small orgasm, but for us it was just the moment that you couldn’t hold it in anymore. Also, it was the moment your dick would go soft, though we all thought that happened because of the pain.

At a certain point I started doing it alone because it felt nice but for me it wasn’t considered masturbation. It was something I could do with my dick that felt nice but it was not related to the back and forward of masturbation that I was used to. It’s a stream of watefirst orgasm r; I am not excited about it so I couldn’t possibly be masturbating. It was more unconscious thing.

Even though all of us would tell everything that what we were trying, I never told them that I was actually getting pleasure from this. It took a long time for me to even figure out that this was a kind of masturbation or something that was actually pleasurable.





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